book recommendation: Divergent

This is my first book recommendation and I hope you like it. I bought the book second week of May and it took me only three days (Friday till Sunday) to finish it. It's the first novel from Veronica Roth and the name is 


It's in US stores since 5/3/2011 and costs 12 USD. I am reading it the second time right now and I like to tell you a little about the story:

The story takes place in the future Chicago, where many buildings are abandoned and moldered and the lake Michigan is just a marshland. The city is fenced since the last huge war and people do not live any longer like we know. They are separated in 5 different factions: the selfless people called ABNEGATION, the brave people called DAUNTLESS, the intelligent people called ERUDITE, the peaceful people called AMITY and the honest people called CANDOR. 

The main character is 16 year old Beatrice Prior and her way from her faction ABNEGATION to the faction she surprisingly chose at the choosing ceremony. This choosing ceremony takes place once a year with the young citizen of the city at the age of 16. Before the ceremony, all the teenagers have to go through a test which will show them to which faction they will belong for the rest of their life's. But the results are a secret to every single person and so they have the chance to decide on their own which faction they will belong. Beatrice has to make a tough decision between a life with her family or to follow her real feelings. She will rename herself Tris and experience a new life. Tris will go through a hard and strenuous initiation and has to learn who are her friends and to figure out what these confusing feelings for a fascinating but also exasperating boy have to do with her and her new life. While Tris has to go through all this, she has to keep a very dangerous secret, which she does not understand and while the conditions around change, she has to figure out how her secret may can help her and all she loves or if it may destroy her.

The book has 480 pages and is more a teen book, but it's worth to read! So if you need a good and easy-to-read book for this summer, I can highly recommend this novel. For more informations just go to the following fb pages:

Please let me know in the comments below which book you read right know or which you can recommend. If you have already red Divergent, let me also know!! I am always highly interested in new and good books.

Wish you all a great day!!
reading and book-browsing greetings

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