Etsy Shop Feature: PookahDesigns

I am sorry for being offline during the last week. I had so much to do and so many things to organize. I was on a business trip again and a family member was in hospital. But this week we will have a new Etsy shop featured:

This shop is all about art and color.
Pam has been a passionate artist since she was old enough to pick up a crayon! She has almost 30 years of experience as a fine artist in a variety of mediums including oils, gouache, charcoal, ink, and cut paper. Pam attended art schools in both New York and San Francisco, and her love for everything "art" contintues to grow every day. 

She is a lover of nature and of abstract design, and Pam can say that both have helped to foster her creativity through subject and expression. Her goal is to create something that expresses herself as an artist and makes a connection to the viewer. 

But you need more to be such a great artist and creative person. Pam has a wonderfully supportive husband and two boys, 8 and 5 years old. She is also very lucky to be from a family which helped and encouraged her every step of the way and she is eternally grateful to them!

Of course I ask Pam the questions about 3 favorites:

Q)In which country/city would you live if you could choose? 
A) If I could choose anywhere in the world, I would live in Ireland. Not only because I am part Irish, but because it has everything that I want: breathtaking physical beauty, wonderful people and culture, beautiful music, rich and interesting history.

Q)What do you like more: apple or orange juice? 
A) I LOVE orange juice, especially when it's fresh squeezed. I don't even like apple juice!

Q)What is your favorite color?
A) My favorite color is green

So what do you think, are you not also of the opinion that these pictures are very special, unique and precious. I love the bold colors and the concept. A mix from paint and cut paper.

Which picture do you like the most?

I wish you all a wonderful week and I am sorry for not writing a last weeks feature!!

bold color greetings


first skilled seller interview with bindingbee

This will be a very long post, but it's all for you!!!

My first sale and your messages brought me to the idea of doing an interview with a skilled seller. You wrote me messages and posted comments with all your questions. Last weekend I put all together and send the huge amount of questions to Megan.

Megan has her Etsy shop since July 2008 and made more than 300 sales. I chose her as my first interview partner for all your questions because I bought my first item through Etsy from her. She makes old and used books into journals. But please go to her shop and see for yourself: 

my first purchase from bindingbee

Now lets go to the answers from Megan as promised:
(I haven't edited the answers from Megan!!)


I have been successful because I have worked hard to develop and diversify my business. I sell on etsy, maintain wholesale accounts to local and national boutiques and attend fine art and craft shows in my region. Some sellers are able to make their full pay check and "quit their day job" solely on etsy, but I think that might only be 1-2% of sellers. You can check the stats on that one, but I know that it is pretty low. 

If I were to start as a newbie today, the advice I would give myself straight away would be two fold. #1: Keep excellent records from the very first bit of materials purchased and mileage used. #2: find a good business mentor to ask questions of, share concerns and get feedback from. 

It has taken me about two years to really see my sales consistently strong on Etsy. I got my first sale shortly after opening my shop but the growth has been a bit spotty. Some months were great while others were really slow. Just this year have I started to see consistent, dependable sales every month on my etsy site. Getting good press has helped, as well providing more custom work that really sets me apart from my etsy competitors. 

Packaging is hugely important. I learned this lesson before I started selling when I was just purchasing handmade goodies from other etsy shops. The orders that came wrapped neatly in tissue with string and a hand-written note really impressed me. That little bit of extra care made me much more likely to be a return customer. Those little things really do matter! 

I use etsy's postage calculator. It's pretty accurate. I also have a scale and can always double check postage prices on the USPS website. I do all of my shipping through my local post-office. I've also taken advantage of printable stamps from paypal. 

I advertise on facebook, use twitter, and hand out cards at all of the art shows I go to. Doing a good job tagging items also helps to get customers to the shop. 

REALLY good photos is probably the best marketing tool for Etsy. It really, really matters! I hired a professional photographer to shoot some of my work and the pieces that she took photos of sell much quicker than the photos I had taken. If you are good at photographing your items, keep it up! If not, it's a worthy investment. 

The $7.00 promo spots are not worth it. I have never done it but have quite a few friends who are sellers who have tried it. None of them have seen increased sales as a result. 

Tagging is important! Do a search for items similar to yours and see which ones come up most easily. Research how they tag. Read the forums too! There is great information about how to tag items to get search results. 

I use social media to keep my brand name in people's minds. When they need a wedding guest book, a new journal, or something hand-bound they think of my brand because they see a little post by me in their news feed every day or two. Plus, I just really enjoy twitter. 

I have not gotten into circles at all. I don't have anyone in my circle because I found it annoying to see everyone else's activity when I logged into etsy I'm the wrong person to ask about that! 

My single best selling item is by far my custom wedding guest books. It is a unique and beautiful product, a good price-point and I work very hard to make each of my customers happy. 

Crafting an MBA has great information about how to properly price items. Check out her site for some great articles regarding that. 

15% for a Christmas sale.

I do sells through the Etsy app, "etsy on sale"

That is all that I can do! Thanks again for getting in touch.

*from Megan*

I would like to take the chance to thank Megan for her very detailed and helpful answers and of course to take the time.

PLEASE take the time to write a comment to let her know what do you think and if it was helpful. Also browse her shop and see the beautiful books she makes.

I wish you all an amazing weekend and enjoy it!!!

learning and packing* greetings

*go on a short trip to visit friends


a cup in an awesome treasury, again!!!

These days are so busy, but I do my best to keep up!! Today it's just a short post, but I am so excited, because one of my cups was picked out for a treasury, again, that I have to tell you!!!

It is my golden beauty this time and I hope you will have a look at this very nice aranged treasury named:

Please switch over and have a look at this beautiful treasury filled with nice little items!!!


Facebook page is online:

 Please stop by and LIKE!! Thank you!!

Wish you all a day full of treasures!!

golden greetings


Etsy Shop Feature: Craftsbymoms

It was a confusing and busy week and so was the weekend. But there is no reason why we will miss this weeks Etsy shop feature. I like to introduce you to 

This shop was inspired by 3 moms who like to be creative and still spend time with their families. They love to get together and create little useful things.
The goal of the 3 moms is to share their products with others who will hopefully enjoy them as much as the they do, because every product they have in their Etsy shop, they use them by themselves. The kids have handmade quilts and fleece blankets that they love to sleep and play with.
Even the kids from family members asks for their boo boo bag when they get hurt(no idea what a boo boo bag is, klick on it and you will see).

They told me: you can't make products you don't believe in. 

But the interesting thing comes now: The money from many of their products gets donated straight to the American Cancer Society. (YES you read right!!!)
Craftsbymoms told me:
'We have supported them for years and its an organization dear to all of our hearts.'

The questions answered one mom for us:

Q)In which country/city would you live if you could choose? 
A)I would live on any beach city in California! I love how peaceful and breathtaking the beach is. Very inspiring.

Q)What do you like more: apple or orange juice? 
A)Totally apple juice. Orange is not sweet enough.

Q)What is your favorite color?
A)I like bright colors. Anything in the spring too, but not just one color.

So guys I think this is way more than just a lovely shop with creative moms. This is worth an extra look. You can buy a little sweet gift for someone special and support the American Cancer Society. I think that makes it really special and you don't just gift one person but also many people who really need help!! AWESOME!!

I wish you all a great week and let's take this as an opportunity to think about doing more for others, even if it's just supporting others while shopping!!

thankful and inspired greetings


fingers crossed

Just a short lil' post. 
If you have a little bit time today, please cross your fingers for my dad!! He is in hospital and undergoes surgery today!! Thank you!!!

Will write more tomorrow!!
Hope all your days will be more fun and filled with happiness!!

fingers crossed greetings


Etsy Shop Feature: RainbowsLNG

This weeks Etsy seller is all about little girls, their 'dressy' needs and doing what you really want. At 

some little girls dreams may come true. Behind this shop stands Dawn. She is a mother to three beautiful girls that inspire her daily to sew. Dawn has recieved some excellent feedback amoung friends and coworkers encouraging her to sell some of the things she creates. 

She is greatful to each and every person who gave her that gentle nudge, needed to start a little business sharing her own creations with the world. This is a true passion for her. How many people truely love their job? I know, Dawn does! She enjoys her work and takes great pride in it. 
Dawn told me the following:
"Everyday I smile and think. This is my job. I do what I love and I LOVE what I do!"

Isn't that the best reason for work? I mean, of course it brings money to feed your family but Dawns reason sounds for me like 'the one' reason we should looking for!

Of course she answered the 3 questions:

Q)In which country/city would you live if you could choose?
A)If I could live anywhere I would really love to live on the beaches of Florida. I love the sun, sand and waves. To be able to wake up every morning and see the sea out of my windows would steal my breath away and be a constant reminder of how beautiful our planet really is.

Q)What do you like more: apple or orange juice?
A)Apple and orange juice is tricky for me as I really dont like either :). I am a cranberry juice kind of girl. I love the tart and tangy taste!

Q)What is your favorite color?
A)My favorite color, if I have to pick just one, is red. I love just about everthing in red. Red hair, red clothes, red shoes, red roses , red poppies, red dots and naturally....red juice *wink*.

Wow, what an interesting story and how cute these little dresses are. I mean, who has not dreamed to become a ballerina (ok guys, maybe not everyone)?! 

Please go to Dawns shop and have a look at all these lovely little dresses and PLEASE write a comment for Dawn under this post!! Thank you! Oh and by the way, she also has a Facebook page:

dancing greetings



Questions, News and Excitements

This will be a post which is made for your comments. So please read and then write until your key board is on fire ;)

(from allpostersimages.com)


Ok, lets start with the first: Q U E S T I O N S. 

It's the really interesting and 
your-action-needed topic

Some days ago I sold my first cup and it was such an exciting experience. After that a lot of people let me know, that they are still waiting for their first sale or feel still like Etsy newbies.Ypur messages kept me busy, because it really matters to me what you think. An idea crossed my mind and I did a little research. 
There are a lot of groups at Etsy about promotion and newbies and tips & tricks, but it took me so much time to scroll through all the threads. 
So it took me to the following:

I will interview an Etsy seller who is already successful
 and a shop 'owner' since years. I ask her if she could picture herself interviewed about inside fews, how selling may work better and if she can explain some tips. And Y E S she will give me a little interview.

Now comes Y O U:

I will do this not only for me (but also for me ;), means you have to let me know what do you want to know. What should I ask her (about shipping, advertisement, customer satisfaction, item description, nice wrapping, pictures . . .)

I think there is so much we can learn. So please use this chance and 
write your question as a comment under this post. 


Next: N E W S

Now there is a FACEBOOK button under every post, means if you like one post or you want to show you customers your Etsy feature, you just need to posh the 'L I K E' button!!


And last but not least: E X C I T E M E N T S

Have you seen, we are more than 40 people. Yes within a couple of month this lil' blog has 43 followers.  YEAHHHH

So please take action and use this chance to ask someone who is more skilled and experienced than me and maybe you. Write your question under this post!!

I hope this will bring some inside views!

Thanks in advance for you questions!!

excited and question-mark-in-the-comments-searching


Funny Book from Hong Kong

While I was in HongKong I found this little funny book in a sweet little shop. They had some funny gadgets and also kids stuff. 

When I saw the little book I thought, maybe it's a book to explain older kids the topic death and how it comes that people they know pass away (in a child-friendly way). I grabbed it because it might be a good one for my god-daughter.
After I skimmed through the book and couldn't hold my laughter because it is so hilarious, I had to buy it!

Just to give you an inside few, I took some pictures from one really funny little story:

I had to hold it open ;)

It is so so funny, how Doug is trying to make a joke!!

And Phils reaction is so understandable!!

Even now, after I read it the 20th time, I can't stop laughing!!

What do you think, isn't it funny. I mean death is not really funny, unfortunately I know it, but I think it is sometimes good, to take a step back and not everything so/to serious.

I wish you all a great day and of course a wonderful weekend!!

Oh and please remember, next week we will have a new Etsy shop of the week, so please scroll a little down and take the chance to write a little comment for Anna and her great work @ anoteworthyoriginal!!
Thank you!!

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Spring is coming in to my home...

After a couple of weeks with sun, no clouds and the urge to go to a beach and take a sunbath, it is now more like fall, cold, wet and windy. But I have luck, I saw this lovely lily bloom yesterday morning in my living room (it rhymes, how funny). I guess it is a lily, but I am not 100% sure, if you know what kind of plant it is, please let me know. Thank you.

So after I dressed several layers of cloth again, because of the cold and unfriendly weather, I was more than happy to see that the spring might be not out there, but at least I can sit in my warm and cosy living room and enjoy the spring in here. 
What helps you? What little things help you to get over some cold and 'nasty' days, although it should be  spring-like weather out there?

I wish you all a sunny day!!

flowery greetings


Etsy Shop Feature: anoteworthyoriginal

This weeks featured shop anoteworthyoriginal is all about paper, anniversaries, birthdays, greetings and baby showers.  The person behind anoteworthyoriginal is a busy mom of 3 boys, Anna. She comes from Mansfield, Georgia.

Anna got started making cards 6 years ago when she made birth announcements for her fist son. Since then, she has crafted many sets of unique and custom birthday cards, Christmas cards, as well as announcements for her second and third sons! When family and friends received her creations in the mail, many fell in love, and commissioned Anna to make cards for their own invitations and announcements.

Now she has decided to offer her skills and eye for unique and adorable cards to others. Anna enjoys making simple, cute, and fun cards using pretty paper, ribbons, and embellishments. She loves to design custom cards based on your request of theme or colors. She can't wait to create your next invitation, announcement, or personalized note card set!

Of course I asked her the same questions about, her favorite place to live, the best thirst quencher and her favorite color.

Q)In which country/city would you live if you could choose?
A) Georgia (which is where I live!) because I love being a Southern belle

Q)What do you like more: apple or orange juice?
A) apple because its the underdog

Q)What is your favorite color?
A) yellow because its always happy

So what do you think about this cute and creative cards and tags? Wouldn't it be fun to sent the 'Sports Baby Photo Birth Announcement' to all your family and friends? I really think this is a fun way to let your folks know about a new human being.

Please write a comment what you think about this jaunty and creative cards. I can say I like the ideas pretty much and think it's always nicer to get a no-one-else-has-this-card.

unique greetings