Etsy Shop Feature: anoteworthyoriginal

This weeks featured shop anoteworthyoriginal is all about paper, anniversaries, birthdays, greetings and baby showers.  The person behind anoteworthyoriginal is a busy mom of 3 boys, Anna. She comes from Mansfield, Georgia.

Anna got started making cards 6 years ago when she made birth announcements for her fist son. Since then, she has crafted many sets of unique and custom birthday cards, Christmas cards, as well as announcements for her second and third sons! When family and friends received her creations in the mail, many fell in love, and commissioned Anna to make cards for their own invitations and announcements.

Now she has decided to offer her skills and eye for unique and adorable cards to others. Anna enjoys making simple, cute, and fun cards using pretty paper, ribbons, and embellishments. She loves to design custom cards based on your request of theme or colors. She can't wait to create your next invitation, announcement, or personalized note card set!

Of course I asked her the same questions about, her favorite place to live, the best thirst quencher and her favorite color.

Q)In which country/city would you live if you could choose?
A) Georgia (which is where I live!) because I love being a Southern belle

Q)What do you like more: apple or orange juice?
A) apple because its the underdog

Q)What is your favorite color?
A) yellow because its always happy

So what do you think about this cute and creative cards and tags? Wouldn't it be fun to sent the 'Sports Baby Photo Birth Announcement' to all your family and friends? I really think this is a fun way to let your folks know about a new human being.

Please write a comment what you think about this jaunty and creative cards. I can say I like the ideas pretty much and think it's always nicer to get a no-one-else-has-this-card.

unique greetings


  1. your cards are so nice...like the Card Set In Warm Neutrals!!!

  2. I love this shop!!! Thank you for posting these shops that could use the exposure. Im discovering that social media is all important to site traffic and its encouraging to see people helping each other out. This is a great way to get shops with little traffic noticed...