Rain with benefits

This was a rainy weekend. It started with rain on Friday, continued on Saturday and even the prime-time program on Sunday was accompanied by falling rain drops. But even a rainy weekend has it's beauty.

Rainbows are a great thing. I love them. I wish I could catch one, put it in a jar and place it on my bedside table to watch it glowing in the dark and all the beautiful colors while I wake up.

I love the sun, but without rain I would never see a rainbow and thats sad. So we need all the nice things every day, the good friends, the helpful family, time fur ourselves, vacation, shopping and so on...


without the 'rainy' days, we couldn't see the beauty of a rainbow or the sun breaking through the clouds.
We need these rainy days to realize how beautiful the world and our lives are.

colorful greetings


How to: go on vacation

I made a new treasury, because I wasn't on vacation yet and I would love to pack my things and start traveling.

So I made a treasury for all those out there who are like me, without the possibility to go on a trip soon.

Please check it out and tell all the creative and talented 'Etsians' what you think.

So get ready for you cyber trip:

1. you have to save money. 
2. you have to find a place 
3. you hvae to book a flight 
4. youn need a suitcase
5. you will need a hat and a luggage tag 
6. you hvae to pack your towels 
7. you have to pack an extra pair of sun glases and your camera 
8. you need your ticket
9. you need your passport 
10. you have to fly 
11. you have to find your destination 
12. you can make sight seeing
13. or go to the beach 
14. for swimming  
15. or surfing 
16. and hopefully you will got lost in your thoughts ...

So who will come with me and start the trip??

Please click here to see the whole Etsy Treasury

wistfully and expectantly greetings


carriage ride and family

This weekend was a family weekend. It wasn't as good as I hoped, but I got through it. I haven't seen this pat of my family for about 3 or 4 years. But it wasn't like that. We had lunch together and nobody talked to me seriously. It was like a show and I was watching.

The beste thing was the carriage ride between lunch and afternoon coffee party:

Unfortunatelly the weather wasn't nice and so we had to take an extra jacket with us. 

The conversation was slow, but the coffee and cakes were delicious!!

Wish you all a more than beautiful week!!

cake eating and horse whispering greetings



I like mornings. You can greet the day, enjoy yourself and relax until the day really starts. I don't like routine, but the first 30 minutes of a day are most of the time the same. A good self-made caffè latte (with an original Italian Espresso maker) with a double espresso and half milk half soy-milk, a book to read or my laptop.

That's how my day starts and I am happy every single second I can sit in the kitchen and enjoy my morning. 

We should enjoy ourself every day even if it's just for half an hour. And it doesn't matter if you take a bath or relax on the porch, sit in your garden or listen to music. Every day has 24 hours and I think we can take a little for ourselves. 
Let's appreciate and savor life's little pleasures. 

coffee-slurping greetings


bad mood in summer time and sandwiches

Its been a long time since my last post. It's also been a long time since I saw the sun, even in summer. 

During the last weeks my life was an up and down, it was like living in two different worlds. Summer time means parties, weddings and BBQs, it means happy people, buying presents and preparing and organizing party games. But for me it also meant bad news, sleepless nights and sick bed visits.

It's never good to be in a bad mood, but in summer time it's even harder. I tried to switch between both like you do it with your TV-channels. And it worked for a couple of weeks, but I reached a point where I didn't knew what to do first, what is more important. 

My friend told me it's like juggling, and yes it feels like juggling with to many balls. But you can handle it and at least try to juggle with the balls you can keep up. But I couldn't hold the balls in the air any longer and so I tried to find a better metaphor. And I came up with the following:


(it's from allposters.de)

You can try it again and again, you can put on cheese and bacon and sliced tomatoes and lettuce, but without bread or a roll it won't be a sandwich. Everything will fall of and even if you get it in your hand you won't eat much because it's to fat, to rich. (metaphorically speaking)

So my power (the bread) got lost during this time but I tried hard to keep all things in order and be what everybody ask me to be and to do (the bacon and cheese and tomato and lettuce and mayo and so on). Till one day there was a big BANG and everything fell off. And thats the point when I realized all this brought me to this bad mood feeling. All power was gone and I had to think about me and my life.

So I hope everybody feels way better, I try hard, every single day, to get back to normal. And I will tell you in the next post, what helped me to feel better, not exactly good, but way better. So if you are in a bad mood or you are feeling alone and hopeless be sure there will be more out there with this feelings, even in summer time.

big hugs and sunny-sanwich-making-greetings