First Balloon This Year and Trip to Asia

The day before, I saw my first (hot-air) balloon this year. And as promised yesterday, here is the picture. Unfortunately it's just a small red dot, in real it looked 10 time bigger. I was so happy, to see this red dot with this stunning blue sky. It makes me wish to have a balloon flight sometimes!!

Then I promised you to tell you about my trip. I am so excited and I can't do anything else than preparing myself and my closet for the journey (Believe me there are lots of things to do, business dresses, casual dresses, visa, travel plans, flights, hotels and so on).
I am flying to Asia, to be exact I am going to Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan. Just for 10 days and to be honest it's no vacation, it is work. BUT I love traveling and I love Asia. The food is one of my favorites (honestly, I like food generally ;) ), the people are so nice and kind in Taiwan, so busy and multi-culti in Hong Kong. Mainland China will be my fist time and it's just for one day to visit a factory, so I am more excited because of a new country. Actually I was a little afraid as I got the information about the trip because it is near Japan, but then I thought about it and decided all this brave people in Japan have to live and work with this huge catastrophe, so I should be more courageous and make the trip. So after a long time of office days I am happy to travel again, even if it's a business trip.

So guys now I have a question or a request: do you know something I should try, see, taste or experience while I am in one of this three destinations? And if you haven't been there, are you interested in something special, so I can find out or make pics or or or....

Let me know what you really want to know or tell me some hidden treasure I should discover!!

I hope to get some input from you guys or questions or anything else!!

Wish you all a beautiful day!!

exciting, nervous and ballon-like greetings


just a short HELLO

So much to do!! I have some nice pictures to show, but unfortunately no time. Had/have so much to do. Planning a trip, visiting my goddaughter and helping friends. So I will show you the pics tomorrow (hopefully) and let you know where I am going ... so excited!!!

Hope you all have a nice day and stay tuned and be curious... like me :)

curiously and busy greetings


Etsy Shop feature: Coconut Head Jewelry

This week I like to show you some awesome scientific jewelry from San Francisco!

Welcome to

This beautiful jewelry is made from Noelani. She is specialized in creating odd, unique and, out of the ordinary science jewelry. But it didn’t start off that way. Her shoppe opened as a beaded earring/necklace shop. After a few months of minimal sales, shop views, and marketing advice from her economist friends she decided to create a brand with a specific target audience which is what you see now.

Recently, she has received a degree in biology which may come as no surprise is the primary inspiration for many of her pieces. Noelani loves the sciences and it’s important for her to try to create pieces that won’t be perceived as tacky, overtly nerdy but rather skillfully clever.

Neolanis goal is to reach out to science enthusiasts, like herself, and provide a quality product that provides a channel of self expression for geeking out. Her favorite materials are shrink plastic (shrink dinks), aluminum wire, and sculpey glaze. They are just wonderfully versatile and allow for a great deal of experimentation and personalization.

It’s fantastic to see the different and complex pieces that can be made with these simple materials. Her future goals includes expanding the assortment of jewelry available (including rings, necklaces, bracelets) and creating a Coconut Head Jewelry website to showcase and sell her handmade creations.

Have a look at her shop and show some love. Also I like to invite you to leave a comment and let Noelani know what you think about her shop and beautiful work.

Thank you guys for stopping by and please spread the word about this little blog and the cute scientific jewelry shop!!!

Wish you all a nice day

beautiful scientific greetings


more pages @ my blog

Hi guys!!

Yeah, our little community is growing. We already have 11 followers. Great, I am so happy!! It means so much to me.
Thank You - Thank You - Thank You

And for all my dear followers and these who (hopefully) will follow I made some extra pages (right @ the top of every blog page):

you find all my items from my shop

here you will find all the featured shops from my blog. So you don't have to scroll through all the post, but you are very welcome to brows through it, of course ;)

here you get some informations about me, just a few ;) If you are interested in more about me, feel free to contact me.
So I hope you like this and I would love to hear some comments from you about the blog!!

Thanks guys and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

I whish everyone a good start in this new week!!

blog-growing greetings

oh and tomorrow we will have a new Etsy shop feature!!!!


new collection cups

I found time again to ad three more collection cups. They are all from an dusty dark attic, but after cleaning and some love they look great and chic.

First we have a purple / lilac one. Its a very girly color combination and I see a white porch on an sunday afternoon, a small rocket chair and a lovely little girl having a tea party with her friends, dolls and teddy bears:

The second collection cup is a golden one. The set looks like from a different time, when princesses strolled around in a beautiful garden and played hide and seek in a maze. And then the maid called for tea.

My third new listing is pretty classic. It feels like it was in the family since generations. The green and gold pattern looks like it was used only for christmas, when the whole family came together and enjoyed coffee and cookies on Christmas Day in the light of candles and the christmas tree.

I hope you like my newest listings and I would really appreciate, if you could leave me a comment.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and find some time for yourself.

tea-trinking greetings


Nice Friend

I have so awesome friends! Today a very good friend of mine drove 20 min. to my office just to say 'Hi' and give me this lovely flower! Isn't this nice! I was so stunned! We chatted a while, talked about all the news and then he was gone.

Isn't it a great gift to have such good friends, who just come over to ask you 'How are you doing?', bringing you flowers and wishing you a nice weekend?!

It absolutely made my day and confirmed my color of this spring season: sunny funny YELLOW!!!

I hope you all have at least one good friend who ask you ever once in a while how your life goes! I wish erveryone a person like this in it's life!!

friendly greetings


bad skin

I had many problems with my skin during puberty. But not more than other girls and boys with bad skin and lots of hours in waiting rooms from adermatologists. I used different wash lotions, peelings, creams and prescription ointments. Nothing helped really and I became never a perfectly smoth and spot free face but I got through it and concealer became my every-day-friend. Now, years after my puberty
I realized more and more spots.

After self-tests with different creams, diets and alternativ ways I decided to consult a doctor again. And guess what he told me...


I am back in puberty. Ok, not really me, but my skin. So I have to start again with all this wash lotions, peelings, creams and prescription ointments.

Below you will find some good and nicely products
I tried and will use again, after my skin is 'grown up":

So I hope you have more luck with your skin!!

surprisingly greetings


First Etsy Seller Feature: GirlsNCurls

The first shop I like to promote is

Mindy comes from Northern Indiana just a stone throw away from Notre Dame college. She lives there since 20 years and is married. She has two beautiful daughters and is a stay-at-home mom.

She began making bows so that Mindy could work from home while being able to spending time with her daughters. Mindys girls inspire her by who they are and what they do through out the days.
The Girls portion of my shop name - GirlsNCurls - is in honor of her daughters. The second part of the shop name comes from the curls in bows.
Mindys ideas are sometimes generated by stories she reads. She always has been working on expanding the shop and adding more than just bows. There are only a few post for decorations listed, but she is is working on adding more.

Please stop by at Mindys beautful and lovely shop: GirlsNCurls

I think this bows are not only for the little girls out there, but also for all the girly ladies who love colors and who enjoy some beautiful art pieces in their hair. I love to weare bows and flowers to accessorize myself and to put some color in my everyday life.

You are to write a comment for Mindy under the post and let her know what do you think about this beauties!!

Thanks for taking time and I wish you a nice day!!

curly greetings


Run of the day

I decided to become more sporty since I didn't any sport since last August. The weather looks nice and it's getting a little bit warmer out there. So I putted on my running shoes and started with good music and in good mood.

Here is one of my currently favorite songs I heard while I enjoyed the sunny morning:

But after 10 minutes I realized the sun is here and it looks so perfect, but it's way to cold. My lungs are burning like I had inhaled some ants. (I hope this will never really happen ;)

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I have to wait until the mornings becoming warmer and I hope my motivation has a lot of staying power.

So enjoy the lovely music and the day!!

weakly but happy greetings


First Spring Evening

The first spring evening of the year. The whole day the sun was here and welcomed the spring.

Look how beautiful the sky glows at sunset. So lets hope the cold winter is over and we can enjoy warm and sunny days and soak up the heat and light to brighten our souls!!

glowing greetings

new week... new opportunities

A new week is started and we all have the chance to do something new, maybe something special and make our life, and (this would be even greater) someones life a little better.

I hope I can get some more beautiful pieces in my Etsy Shop but I am mostly excited about the first feature about a very very lovely shop from an other Etsian.

And my goal for this week is to enjoy the days and be more patient with the spring (can't wait to wear some other cloths)...

So let this week become sunny and a lot of fun for as many people as possible!!

animated by the best intentions


shop of the week

So many beautiful pieces from people are available in the World-Wide-Web. That means it is so hart to find the item you are looking for and even harder to get to be seen.

I decided to bring some public to the grafters and show nice items and shops to the people who are looking for the one special thing.

I like to show you some very unique pieces and introduce you to the people who made it or found it.

I hope this will help everybody and bring the people together!!

searching greetings


Happy St. Patrick's Day

17th March is the greenest day of the year, so lets celebrate the Irish.

Have a look how beautiful this green and lovely country is:

(from Wikipedia)

Maybe we will find the pot of gold. If not, here is a recipe to make your own:

you need:
3-ounce ox of lemon flavor gelatin
6 limes
1 teaspoon of whipped cream

line an 8-inch square baking dish with plastic wrap
leave several inches of overhang on each side
combine a 3-ounce box of lemon-flavor gelatin and 1 cup of boiling water
stirring until the gelatin is dissolved
stir in one cup of cold water and pour it into the baking dish
cover it and chill it for 4 hours or until firm
slice the firm gelatin into 1/2 inch cubes

cut of the top quarter of each lime
slice a thin layer of peel from the bottom of each one (for upright standing)
remove the inside of each lime (cutting and spooning) to make a shell

place sugar and a teaspoon whipped cream in the bottom of each lime shell
fill each pot with gelatin gold

READY -- Now you have 6 pots of (eatable) gold

Have a great St. Patrick's Day

green greeting


misty days

On the northern hemisphere springs starts, slowly. Today we have rain and mist and absolutely no sun. And all over the world nothing than bad news. (My thoughts are with the people in Japan)
So what can you do to light up your day. I decided yesterday to start with my personal spring and colord my nails in sunny funny yellow...

(sorry for the bad pic)

So now everybody is starring at my nails and I feel more happy because the people see the color and I hope they feel a little better. At least I feel better and my personal spring starts right know.

So if you are also a little sick of the grey, cold, bad and not so springlike weather and news, just color your life a little more...

yellow sunny greetings


working and etsy

Sometimes it is hard to do more than one thing. Right now I have to learn how to do a job and be active on Etsy to get my little business running. So every little step brings me some happiness.

So I am totally happy about my new listing on Etsy. I hope I can keep up with my intents.

lovely greeting and some happiness



every thing starts with the first step

After many months of thinking and testing, I did it!!!

The first three items are listed in Etsy...


I will post some informations about my treasures and all the nice things I find in this beautiful world.

first greetings mElinus