First Etsy Seller Feature: GirlsNCurls

The first shop I like to promote is

Mindy comes from Northern Indiana just a stone throw away from Notre Dame college. She lives there since 20 years and is married. She has two beautiful daughters and is a stay-at-home mom.

She began making bows so that Mindy could work from home while being able to spending time with her daughters. Mindys girls inspire her by who they are and what they do through out the days.
The Girls portion of my shop name - GirlsNCurls - is in honor of her daughters. The second part of the shop name comes from the curls in bows.
Mindys ideas are sometimes generated by stories she reads. She always has been working on expanding the shop and adding more than just bows. There are only a few post for decorations listed, but she is is working on adding more.

Please stop by at Mindys beautful and lovely shop: GirlsNCurls

I think this bows are not only for the little girls out there, but also for all the girly ladies who love colors and who enjoy some beautiful art pieces in their hair. I love to weare bows and flowers to accessorize myself and to put some color in my everyday life.

You are to write a comment for Mindy under the post and let her know what do you think about this beauties!!

Thanks for taking time and I wish you a nice day!!

curly greetings


  1. Dear Melinus,

    I would love to be featured on your blog :)
    my shop is

    thanks xoxo

  2. Mindy makes such great bows and her Etsy shop is great!

  3. Hi!!

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. It means so much to me. Please tell your friends, if you like.

    @ Seren, Your shop is so cute and of course I would love to feature your shop. I wrote you a message through Etsy.

    @letterpress: yeah the bows are so lovely!!!

    love mElinus

  4. What adorable bows. Any girl has got to love them!

    I would love to be featured as well Mel, just trying to get my shop out there =):


  5. Hi Deborah

    thanks for stopping by.
    Of course, you are very welcome. I will write you through Etsy.
    Your little items are so cute!! I love love love cameos!!!

    have a great day!!