Keks ... cookie ... Plätzchen

Christmas is over but it doesn't mean that I do not love to eat and enjoy all the delicious cookies or as it says in German Plätzchen or Keks (you speak it similar to cakes). The word Plätzchen is mostly used during Christmas time because of the very special recipes and ingredients. Keks is used all year round for cookies and biscuits. I am so lucky because I still have some Plätzchen left!!

My day started like this:

This Plätzchen made a friend of mine and I think these are the biggest Plätzchen I ever had. But the best thing is they are so yummy!!

Have a great (after Christmas and still loving the Christmas food) Sunday!!

crumbly, nibbling greetings


Happy New Year

Christmas is over and we already started with a new year! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and started with new energy and lots of plans and new projects.

Mine will start pretty soon. It will be awesome and a lot to do, but I will tell you later.

For now I started my year on Etsy with translating my descriptions and informations in to German and also with a very NEW treasury:

Someday I will ride the great bird 
Into the sky, into the grey 
And will take a bright secret of mine 
Into the grey, grey sky.

And the light will come, piercing my eyes 
Out of the sky, out of the grey 
Come blinding and searing these eyes 
Out of the grey, grey sky.  

And I will find comfort in this 
In the wide sky, in the wide grey 
In the painful dark brightness of light 
Light of the grey, grey sky.

My secret will fly away home 
Into the sky, into the grey 
And the great bird will follow it there 
Into the grey, grey sky. 

 And I will be riding that bird 
Bird of the sky, bird of the grey 
And I will come home once again 
Home to the grey, grey sky.  

But for now I am weighted, earthbound 
One of the mud, one of the ground 
And I write this sad song to sad sound 
Girl of the pavement sighs.    

Grace Hutton

I hope you like poems like I do!!

You will find this treasury
with all these beautiful pieces here: t r e a s u r y

wish you all the best for 2012
greyish and curious greetings

Just added this one for you so you can go directly to the wonderful pieces!!!


Sunday and to-do lists

It is alway nice to have a sunday with no appointments, no house or home work and of course nothing to do except relaxing and chilling!

But sometimes a little to-do list seems also good, because after I am finished with it, the day feels longer, like I have more from my sunday. And if you have to do nice 'jobs' with a good reason it makes even more fun.

My TO-DO-LIST for today:

Go to the cemetery and 'visit' my grand grand parents, because it is the last sunday before Advent on which the dead are commemorated. And I will light a lil' candle for my grandpa and grandma.

baking an apple pie or cake for a good friend who helped us out this week, I will ship this to London so the first thing to do is find or modifie a recipe so the pie/cake can be shipped ;)

these are my ingredients :)

cook a pumpkin soup, because I have some pumpkins left and I love pumpkin soup and hate it to throw food away

and last write down all recipes so you guys can try them ... :)

So after I had my first coffee, I will start and of course let you know how the pie/cake, the soup and everything else on my TO-DO-LIST-SUNDAY worked out!!

wish everyone a great sundayyyyyy

milk in coffee pouring and getting ready greetings


One of my favorite cookies

I love sweets, I love cake, I love good food in general, but cookies are my all over favorite sweets. But I do not like any cookie, they have to be special, different but most important delicious!!!

I can say, because I travelled a lot, I have in all countries I have been before at least one favorite cookie brand. Because I have been in Italy a lot, when I was a child, I had a lot of time to find my personal favorite one: PAN DI STELLE

These cookies are so good, they taste not to sweet, are crunchy but not crisp more like short bread. And they taste like cocoa, not the super sweet one you drink in winter time, more the real one, a good cake shop uses.
And then these lil' whit sugary stars on top, they do not only look lovely but give the first bite lil' bit more sweetens.

You see, I am all about this cookies, but now we have the bad news, they are not available in my area. I cant buy them. Sometimes you get lucky and get some from the internet, but not so often.

two good friends have been in Italy a couple of weeks ago and brought two bags of 'joy'!!

sometime I fel like 


So now I am off to enjoy some cookies...yummy
Wish you a great day!!

crumbly greetings


bye bye summer ...

... welcome fall! I really love summer, the warm and sunny weather, eating ice cream, being outside and of course swimming. But on the northern hemisphere we are wearing hats, scarfs and drinking hot tea already.
 But I realized that this is the time to eat more delicious things.

Today I got an invitation for a lunch time BBQ and hat a yummy freshly grilled burger. And now I enjoy a delicious and sweet doughnut. 
Thats the good think about fall and winter, you don't have to take to much care of your figure, because the time of wearing a bikini starts earliest in 6 months.

So lets enjoy the good things of having fall/winter.  :)

wish you all a great weekend
sweet greetings


Halloween at daytime

Not having a real Halloween party does not mean, we cannot celebrate the 'spooky' time of the year. To bring a lil' Halloween even to my rooms and friends I thought about it. How can we have a little bit of it without actually having a party.

We could not have a real Halloween party because we got an invitation for a birthday party without any theme, except birthday :)

So I invited friends to come over for a Halloween brunch and the pictures show you our decorated table. It wasn't easy to get some Halloween stuff one day before, but you can transform some regular things into spooky ones.

The only really Halloween-like decoration I got have been some chocolates which look like witches and pumpkins. Oh and of course 3 really cute little pumpkins.

All the other stuff was transformed from normal to 'spooky'. Tangerines with Jack O'Lantern faces, orange and black napkins, spider webs from cotton wool and candles. Not that much, right?

I even tried to make a spider with an old black button and dark yarn, but to be honest after 4 legs I had no patience anymore and decided to have a very spooky 4-leg spider hanging over the table. :)

All thi picutres show you the table without food, because I decorated it bevore we went to the birthday party so I could sleep a lil' longer the next morning and just had to prepare the food.

Oh I forgot to mention, one of our friends has a really cute dog, and I thought he (his name is Klaus, isn't this funny) has to get a little Halloween as well and so he became an extra space decorated with orange and black napkins.

Just to give you an idea what we had to eat for our 5 hour brunch (yes we ate, talked and enjoyed our selves for 5 hours):

veggie lasagne
whole grain rolls
6 or 7 different sorts of cheese
cream cheese
apple pie
egg salad
pickled herring salad
cold cuts

and so on

I think it was a really good way to celebrate Halloween even at day time.

Wish you all a great week.
spooky greetings


Leather: colorful and versatile

My newest treasury list is all about leather. It is surprising how many different things the creative Etsians are able to do with leather. This treasury is to honor the peoples work and of course to remind me and you, that it is a material which we should use attentive because of its source.

I hope you like it, so stop by!!

wish everybody a great weekend
sunny greatings mElinus