One of my favorite cookies

I love sweets, I love cake, I love good food in general, but cookies are my all over favorite sweets. But I do not like any cookie, they have to be special, different but most important delicious!!!

I can say, because I travelled a lot, I have in all countries I have been before at least one favorite cookie brand. Because I have been in Italy a lot, when I was a child, I had a lot of time to find my personal favorite one: PAN DI STELLE

These cookies are so good, they taste not to sweet, are crunchy but not crisp more like short bread. And they taste like cocoa, not the super sweet one you drink in winter time, more the real one, a good cake shop uses.
And then these lil' whit sugary stars on top, they do not only look lovely but give the first bite lil' bit more sweetens.

You see, I am all about this cookies, but now we have the bad news, they are not available in my area. I cant buy them. Sometimes you get lucky and get some from the internet, but not so often.

two good friends have been in Italy a couple of weeks ago and brought two bags of 'joy'!!

sometime I fel like 


So now I am off to enjoy some cookies...yummy
Wish you a great day!!

crumbly greetings

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