First Breakfast in San Diego

As promised here are some pics of my first day in sunny San Diego. And by now, I can say, I LOVE IT. The city is beautiful, the ocean is stunning and the people are the nicest you can wish for your vacation.


My first breakfast in San Diego were Texas Eggs Benedict with hash browns and a cappuccino at 1pm in the gaslamp quarter.


This area is so beautiful and the perfect place to watch people and enjoy a breeze from the ocean in the wonderful California sun.


We took the stairs up to the top of the San Diego Convention Center to get the stunning view at the San Diego Coronado Bay Bridge.


What an amazing start in San Diego. Afterwards I laid on the beach and got a lil' sun burn.
Today was great and we will go out for dinner tonight.

Wish you all a sunny day tomorrow.

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nice birthday surprise

Yesterday I got so many presents and cards for my birthday, good friends called and emailed me and after a long day I checked my FB and Etsy account. And I could not believe it, but I sold 5 of my collection cups. Ok, it wasn't that surprising, because I wrote with So Min Lee already and made a rEserved ISTING for her, but it was a very nice birthday surprise. 

My fist collection cup was shipped to Wisconsin, USA. This time all 5 sets are going to be used in South Korea. 

This two sets are my favorites, because they are such a nice 'couple' and the decor is just perfect for a dreamy tea or coffee meet up with a good friend.

This one is my favorite when it comes to design, because even if its more than 40 years old, it looks modern and stylish to me.

And last but not least, these 2 beauties. The golden one is very classical and fits for nearly every occasion. The pink / purple one is very girlish, I think and gives your table a nice splash of color.

But for now I have to say god bye to all 5 beautiful German collection cups and send them on a long journey to South Korea.

I am happy that I sold them, but I really like these cups, so I am also a little sad. But I am happy in the other way, because I found some beautiful 'new' ceramic pots, cups and plates during the last weeks and they will be up soon.

'carefully packing' and 'left-over birthday cake eating' greetings


frankie ... an Australian Magazine

I want to share a very interesting find with you. A friend of me lives in Australia and she shares my passion for self-made and vintage. She loves Etsy and everything what is not made in a huge factory.

A couple of months ago she introduced me to a wonderful magazine from Australia and I want to share this with you. 

(pic from frankie.com.au)

This magazine is ' is a national bi-monthly based in Australia, aimed at women (and men) looking for a magazine that’s as smart, funny, sarcastic, friendly, cute, rude, arty, curious and caring as they are.' (describtion from frankie.com.au)

And this description hits the bulls eye (metaphorically speaking). You can find recipes, music, news, many things about craft, art and fashion, events (most of them in Australia, of course) vintage, food, and ideas for your home and interesting places for travelers.

(issue 42 from frankie.com.au)

So if you need a boost of ideas, creativity & opportunities and a down-under point of view your are absolutely right here.

If you want to check this awesome magazine out, go to




(pic from frankie.com.au)

I hope you get a boost and lots of new ideas. I wish you a joyful read and a sunny day!!

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Bean salad Mediterranean

Last weekend a friend came over and told me she harvested a lot of runner beans and if I need some? I thought ok, nothing better than home grown veggies and fruits. When she came the other day, I was like shocked. She gave me a whole bucket full of beans.

Here are the beans, we needed nearly 2 hours to cut the end off and chop them all.
Afterwards we had to wash them pretty much, because of the bad weather during the last days, they had a lot of dashes of rain and dirt.
(if the beans are smaller you do not need to take the stringy bits from the side off)

I put a whole lot at the side and the rest of them in a colander to get the water out. I froze most of them so I can use it later.
The others I put in a pot with water, 1/2 table spoon salt, 1 stalk of savory and rosemary herbs (or 1 table spoon savory and 1/2 table spoon rosemary) and cooked it.

After 20-30 minutes the beans are ready to cool down.
Just put them in a colander again and wait until they are cooled off.

For the salad you will need one chopped and braised onion (for about 4 hand full of beans, please use oil and not butter, it won't taste well after cooled down), salt, pepper, olive oil (or any oil you like) juice of a lemon and herbs just as you like. I used dried basil and garlic.

After you flavored your bean salad, put it in the fridge for at least 12 hours.

Before I served the salad, I added 2 cut tomatoes.

Unfortunately I do not have a picture with the finished salad, because when I was ready, friends came over and we ate the salad right away and I forgot to take a picture :)

Yummy greetings


Help needed

I need your help!!

Please look in these eyes.

This little dog is the best friend of my 3 year old god child. She love her lil' 'bow-wow' so much.

As you can see this little stuffed friend is worn out. She sleeps with it, she plays with it and no matter how the weather is outside her bow-wow has to come with her. Her mum and I tried hard to find a new one, but nobody has a dog like this. 

This stuffed animal is approx. 8" to 10" / 20 cm to 25cm long, pale yellow body but with yellower ears (please see the pic). It has a dark brown/black dog collar and dark embroidered dots on the dogs nose.

As you can see on the following pic, the tail is falling off. We tried to fix it several times, but it will not hold much longer.

My god child and her mum are on their way to a mother-child clinic for a rehab, because she had a kidney surgery. So her little friend is more important than ever.

PLEASE, if you have a stuffed dog like this one or you know someone who do not need it, let me know. I will buy it straightaway.

Just write a comment under this post
write a comment at my Facebook-Page
convo me at Etsy.

Thank you so much for your time!!

hopefully greetings