nice birthday surprise

Yesterday I got so many presents and cards for my birthday, good friends called and emailed me and after a long day I checked my FB and Etsy account. And I could not believe it, but I sold 5 of my collection cups. Ok, it wasn't that surprising, because I wrote with So Min Lee already and made a rEserved ISTING for her, but it was a very nice birthday surprise. 

My fist collection cup was shipped to Wisconsin, USA. This time all 5 sets are going to be used in South Korea. 

This two sets are my favorites, because they are such a nice 'couple' and the decor is just perfect for a dreamy tea or coffee meet up with a good friend.

This one is my favorite when it comes to design, because even if its more than 40 years old, it looks modern and stylish to me.

And last but not least, these 2 beauties. The golden one is very classical and fits for nearly every occasion. The pink / purple one is very girlish, I think and gives your table a nice splash of color.

But for now I have to say god bye to all 5 beautiful German collection cups and send them on a long journey to South Korea.

I am happy that I sold them, but I really like these cups, so I am also a little sad. But I am happy in the other way, because I found some beautiful 'new' ceramic pots, cups and plates during the last weeks and they will be up soon.

'carefully packing' and 'left-over birthday cake eating' greetings

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  1. Belated happy birthday! And congratulations on your sales. The cups are beautiful!