Bean salad Mediterranean

Last weekend a friend came over and told me she harvested a lot of runner beans and if I need some? I thought ok, nothing better than home grown veggies and fruits. When she came the other day, I was like shocked. She gave me a whole bucket full of beans.

Here are the beans, we needed nearly 2 hours to cut the end off and chop them all.
Afterwards we had to wash them pretty much, because of the bad weather during the last days, they had a lot of dashes of rain and dirt.
(if the beans are smaller you do not need to take the stringy bits from the side off)

I put a whole lot at the side and the rest of them in a colander to get the water out. I froze most of them so I can use it later.
The others I put in a pot with water, 1/2 table spoon salt, 1 stalk of savory and rosemary herbs (or 1 table spoon savory and 1/2 table spoon rosemary) and cooked it.

After 20-30 minutes the beans are ready to cool down.
Just put them in a colander again and wait until they are cooled off.

For the salad you will need one chopped and braised onion (for about 4 hand full of beans, please use oil and not butter, it won't taste well after cooled down), salt, pepper, olive oil (or any oil you like) juice of a lemon and herbs just as you like. I used dried basil and garlic.

After you flavored your bean salad, put it in the fridge for at least 12 hours.

Before I served the salad, I added 2 cut tomatoes.

Unfortunately I do not have a picture with the finished salad, because when I was ready, friends came over and we ate the salad right away and I forgot to take a picture :)

Yummy greetings

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