Keks ... cookie ... Plätzchen

Christmas is over but it doesn't mean that I do not love to eat and enjoy all the delicious cookies or as it says in German Plätzchen or Keks (you speak it similar to cakes). The word Plätzchen is mostly used during Christmas time because of the very special recipes and ingredients. Keks is used all year round for cookies and biscuits. I am so lucky because I still have some Plätzchen left!!

My day started like this:

This Plätzchen made a friend of mine and I think these are the biggest Plätzchen I ever had. But the best thing is they are so yummy!!

Have a great (after Christmas and still loving the Christmas food) Sunday!!

crumbly, nibbling greetings


  1. Beautiful photo. We've now maxed out on the 12 days of Christmas. It's Epiphany. But it is nice you can hang on to Christmas as long as possible, eating Platzchen instead of everyday Keks.

  2. Thank you LeAnn. I hope you are doing good!! Yes, in some countries they had Christmas last weekend (Russia).
    I love how you used the word Keks for 'everyday Keks'!!
    I will use this from now, it is soooo funny!! Thanks LeAnn this really made my day ;)

    To celebrate it, I will have an everyday Keks right now!!!
    Cheers mElinus