Happy St. Patrick's Day

17th March is the greenest day of the year, so lets celebrate the Irish.

Have a look how beautiful this green and lovely country is:

(from Wikipedia)

Maybe we will find the pot of gold. If not, here is a recipe to make your own:

you need:
3-ounce ox of lemon flavor gelatin
6 limes
1 teaspoon of whipped cream

line an 8-inch square baking dish with plastic wrap
leave several inches of overhang on each side
combine a 3-ounce box of lemon-flavor gelatin and 1 cup of boiling water
stirring until the gelatin is dissolved
stir in one cup of cold water and pour it into the baking dish
cover it and chill it for 4 hours or until firm
slice the firm gelatin into 1/2 inch cubes

cut of the top quarter of each lime
slice a thin layer of peel from the bottom of each one (for upright standing)
remove the inside of each lime (cutting and spooning) to make a shell

place sugar and a teaspoon whipped cream in the bottom of each lime shell
fill each pot with gelatin gold

READY -- Now you have 6 pots of (eatable) gold

Have a great St. Patrick's Day

green greeting


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