shop of the week

So many beautiful pieces from people are available in the World-Wide-Web. That means it is so hart to find the item you are looking for and even harder to get to be seen.

I decided to bring some public to the grafters and show nice items and shops to the people who are looking for the one special thing.

I like to show you some very unique pieces and introduce you to the people who made it or found it.

I hope this will help everybody and bring the people together!!

searching greetings


  1. You have a pretty neat blog. I found your posting on the Etsy for Dummies team and thought it would be fun to have my shop promoted on the site. If you want I can promote your items as well.

  2. Great idea. Im interested in being featuered.I can also show your shop off on my blog. That would be so fun to do! Thanks for sharing your blog on Etsy for Dummies.

  3. Hi girls

    this sounds great!! So we can promote each other!! Thank you!!
    I will write you both a message and we can discuss what to tell about you!!

    I am so excited!!

    love mElinus

    oh and your blogs are awesome, hope to become as good as you two!!!