Etsy Shop feature: Coconut Head Jewelry

This week I like to show you some awesome scientific jewelry from San Francisco!

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This beautiful jewelry is made from Noelani. She is specialized in creating odd, unique and, out of the ordinary science jewelry. But it didn’t start off that way. Her shoppe opened as a beaded earring/necklace shop. After a few months of minimal sales, shop views, and marketing advice from her economist friends she decided to create a brand with a specific target audience which is what you see now.

Recently, she has received a degree in biology which may come as no surprise is the primary inspiration for many of her pieces. Noelani loves the sciences and it’s important for her to try to create pieces that won’t be perceived as tacky, overtly nerdy but rather skillfully clever.

Neolanis goal is to reach out to science enthusiasts, like herself, and provide a quality product that provides a channel of self expression for geeking out. Her favorite materials are shrink plastic (shrink dinks), aluminum wire, and sculpey glaze. They are just wonderfully versatile and allow for a great deal of experimentation and personalization.

It’s fantastic to see the different and complex pieces that can be made with these simple materials. Her future goals includes expanding the assortment of jewelry available (including rings, necklaces, bracelets) and creating a Coconut Head Jewelry website to showcase and sell her handmade creations.

Have a look at her shop and show some love. Also I like to invite you to leave a comment and let Noelani know what you think about her shop and beautiful work.

Thank you guys for stopping by and please spread the word about this little blog and the cute scientific jewelry shop!!!

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beautiful scientific greetings

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