more pages @ my blog

Hi guys!!

Yeah, our little community is growing. We already have 11 followers. Great, I am so happy!! It means so much to me.
Thank You - Thank You - Thank You

And for all my dear followers and these who (hopefully) will follow I made some extra pages (right @ the top of every blog page):

you find all my items from my shop

here you will find all the featured shops from my blog. So you don't have to scroll through all the post, but you are very welcome to brows through it, of course ;)

here you get some informations about me, just a few ;) If you are interested in more about me, feel free to contact me.
So I hope you like this and I would love to hear some comments from you about the blog!!

Thanks guys and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

I whish everyone a good start in this new week!!

blog-growing greetings

oh and tomorrow we will have a new Etsy shop feature!!!!

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