new collection cups

I found time again to ad three more collection cups. They are all from an dusty dark attic, but after cleaning and some love they look great and chic.

First we have a purple / lilac one. Its a very girly color combination and I see a white porch on an sunday afternoon, a small rocket chair and a lovely little girl having a tea party with her friends, dolls and teddy bears:

The second collection cup is a golden one. The set looks like from a different time, when princesses strolled around in a beautiful garden and played hide and seek in a maze. And then the maid called for tea.

My third new listing is pretty classic. It feels like it was in the family since generations. The green and gold pattern looks like it was used only for christmas, when the whole family came together and enjoyed coffee and cookies on Christmas Day in the light of candles and the christmas tree.

I hope you like my newest listings and I would really appreciate, if you could leave me a comment.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and find some time for yourself.

tea-trinking greetings


  1. Your new listings are just beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend too!

  2. Thank you so much!!
    Yeah I had a good weekend....met some good old friends. Thats always a good think. Hope you enjoyed yours!!