First Balloon This Year and Trip to Asia

The day before, I saw my first (hot-air) balloon this year. And as promised yesterday, here is the picture. Unfortunately it's just a small red dot, in real it looked 10 time bigger. I was so happy, to see this red dot with this stunning blue sky. It makes me wish to have a balloon flight sometimes!!

Then I promised you to tell you about my trip. I am so excited and I can't do anything else than preparing myself and my closet for the journey (Believe me there are lots of things to do, business dresses, casual dresses, visa, travel plans, flights, hotels and so on).
I am flying to Asia, to be exact I am going to Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan. Just for 10 days and to be honest it's no vacation, it is work. BUT I love traveling and I love Asia. The food is one of my favorites (honestly, I like food generally ;) ), the people are so nice and kind in Taiwan, so busy and multi-culti in Hong Kong. Mainland China will be my fist time and it's just for one day to visit a factory, so I am more excited because of a new country. Actually I was a little afraid as I got the information about the trip because it is near Japan, but then I thought about it and decided all this brave people in Japan have to live and work with this huge catastrophe, so I should be more courageous and make the trip. So after a long time of office days I am happy to travel again, even if it's a business trip.

So guys now I have a question or a request: do you know something I should try, see, taste or experience while I am in one of this three destinations? And if you haven't been there, are you interested in something special, so I can find out or make pics or or or....

Let me know what you really want to know or tell me some hidden treasure I should discover!!

I hope to get some input from you guys or questions or anything else!!

Wish you all a beautiful day!!

exciting, nervous and ballon-like greetings

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