Etsy is in my everyday life

I started like the most people as a buyer from other Etsy sellers.  I bought some beautiful jewelry, journals, hair pins, diaries and so on. I am using some of the items every day and others just sometimes but I never regretted any purchase. I like to show you randomly how I wear or use my Etsy items in my life.

Today I am wearing a set of flower hair comb and brooch. 

(I put the brooch on my necklace)

I bought both items for a wedding but I thing they are to beautiful to just wear them once. So I try to use them for my everyday outfits. And today I am wearing both at the same time.

(the seller of this beauties is: WeeGardens)

How did you start as an Etsy seller?Also as a buyer? And do you use your purchased items? I would love to know how you fit the bought pieces in your day!!

Wish you a great day and of course a good start for this weekend.

Etsy-Style greetings



  1. Hi there! I love how you used the flower on your necklace. I will definitely have to remember that tip! It would be cute on a small clutch purse too!

  2. That's a good idea to wear fancier items everyday. Why not?! I also like how you made the brooch into a necklace.

  3. My new philosophy for this year is to use all my 'good' stuff everyday, and not save it for a special occasion. Love that you are doing that too. I have only bought supplies on Etsy so far and yes, I use them everyday for my creations!

  4. Thanks you like it and it makes me happy that I inspire you or encourage you to wear more 'good stuff' and 'fancier' items everyday. It makes every day a little special and I think it is on us to make us feel good and to find something in everyday which makes us happy or/and proud. And if I wear some beautiful and not so typically every day accessories it makes me feel good and gives my day a little sparkle.

    I am looking for an Etsy seller who wants to be featured next week. Let me know if you like!!

    And thanks again for the nice feedback, it means so much to me and makes me way more happy than a "fancier item" :)