This weekend was wonderful. We had sunny and warm weather. It was the best condition to make the first BBQ of the year. It was soooooo delecious. I ate to much!! :)
I made my potato salad (German recipe: Let me know if you like to get it.) Unfortunately I was not able to make a pic of it, 'cause it was gone so fast!! I don't want to show off, but all my friends love it and I love to cook. 
So I was a lot on the run out there and enjoyed the sun. And this means not much time for computer, Etsy and blog. But I want to show you my 


just click @ the pic

I just finished it yesterday. Please have a look at these beautiful spring like precious objects. 

Spring means to me
   ********sunny yellow********  
********fresh green********  
********seeing many people********  
********bold colors********

So what have you done this weekend? I am on my feet by now, 'cause I have to drink tea with my goddaughter. I am happy to see her.

Wish you all a beautiful and sunny Sunday!!

barbecued greetings


  1. Hi! I'm up and browsing in the internet... but it's SUNDAY! I'm going to turn this off and enjoy the beautiful weather today.

    Gorgeous Treasury!


  2. Hello from etsy team mate ,my shop's name is yarn pearl
    I like your blog :) and sure id love to take that salad recipe :)
    I had my first BBQ of this year earliear in march,,i couldn wait till April ;)

    If you are featuring etsy shops id love to be featured in your blog :)

    Thank yOu

  3. Hi melinus, your blog is so much fun! BBQ sounds wonderful! We've had gorgeous weather till a storm came in just a bit ago. Now I will get lots accomplished, ha! Enjoy your day!

  4. Nice to meet you! I'm wishing a wonderful Spring to all & I, too, would love that recipe!

  5. Enjoyed looking through your Spring is Coming treasury ;)

  6. Hi!
    Thank you for your comment under my treasury. I love the idea of your blog!

    Have a good week.

  7. Hi guys,

    thank you so much for your support!! It really means much to me and it motivates me to write this blog, now I know people are reading and enjoying it.
    I will post the recipe when I am back from my trip.
    Thanks again guys and if you are interested in something let me know!!