Etsy Shop feature: moncherie43

This weeks Etsy shop and seller comes from Australia. I like to show you the beautiful work from Chelsea in her Esty shop

Chelseas jewelry is inspired by the 40's or anything vintage, and that's the reason for the 43 in her shop name! She loves to be creative. Chelsea has a lot of talents like jewelry, polaroid photography or sewing. At this time she has beautiful jewelry in her shop which makes you feel more lady-like.

Chelsea loves to be creative because it is such a great way to express yourself! Her rings, necklaces, hair pins and bracelets are well composed and the colors are very decent. 

I like to invite you to browse through her beautiful shop and leave some comment under the post and let Chelsea know what do you think of her work.

I can say, I really like the lady-like designs!! So please encourage Chelsea to go on with her beautiful art work.

Wish you all a nice week!!

pretty Lady-Like greetings