up and away

I told you already about my business trip to Asia and today it will start. I packed most of my items yesterday, but all the make-up and bath room stuff is what you need until you passed the security check  :)

I hope to get time and internet/wifi to show you, how beautiful Asia is and to take you literally with me on this (hopefully) exciting trip. First, I have to finish my coffee and get dressed. I trink my coffee first 'cause you never make a mess, but if you are dressed for something important, you will, or better I will. I travelled a lot and I know what I can wear on a long flight. So here is what I will take:

Sorry for the bad pic (iPhone and bad light) 

*a long shirt*
*a pair of black comfy leggings (but with shiny finish)*
*a scarf, 'cause you can hide yourself and it keeps you warm in cold airplanes*
*a super cosy hoodie jacket, it keeps you warm as well*
*a hat/cap because on long trips your hair may look a little disheveled, and so you can to hide it* 

And here you see my pre-packed suitcase.

So I am on my way now to get the last things done and prepare my apartment to be alone a couple of days. Then I will be on my way to the airport (I love airports!!! I love the coming and going!!)

Oh and please be patient with me, but I will do my best to take you with me!!

jittery and passport-searching greetings


  1. Have a good trip! I'm waiting for foto of Asia!

  2. Sounds exotic. I'm heading to Florida next week. At least it will be warm & sunny. Safe travels! MellowMermaid.etsy

  3. @OKC:Thank you so much and I definitely will post pics!!

    @MellowMermai: I wish you a safe trip and enjoy the sun!!!