First Stop: Dubai

My first stopover was Dubai. We had 10 hours and a hotel room to get some rest. I did my best to get some sleep, but wasn't easy. Unfortunately I arrived at night time and had to go back to the airport early in the morning. But as promised here are the first pics:

Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport 

Dubai Airport 

you can see down town in the background 

you will find construction zones all over the city

you can see the highest tower in the world in the background

On the link above you can find more informations and pics if the tallest tower in the world. Dubai was just a very short stopover, but he people have been so nice and it was absolutely stunning to see all this architecture.

Now I am in HongKong. Tomorrow, I will post some pics and informations about todays experiences. Right now I need some sleep. I just slept 6 hours during the last three days.

I am sorry for writing so late, but the internet is not always available and it's so much to do.
Hope you all doing good.

Wish you a great day

sleepy greetings from Hong Kong

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