Hong Kong and China

Shenzhen (China)

I have to tell you that it is a huge problem with all these time zones. I mean, I remembered to change the time on my iPhone, but did not changed it on my Mac. So please, be aware that I am maybe a little in front of you with the time, and my yesterday may be your today.

on the way back from the factory (China)

Yesterday I was my first time in China, Mainland China. I met up with a business partner in Hong Kong (it was hot and humid), we managed some stuff about banks and accounts and than we drove with the car from Hong Kong to the New Territories and parked the car, 'cause it is way easier to go by train to China. 

near the train station (China)

You need to know that in Hong Kong (I mean all areas from Hong Kong), the cars are like in the UK: right hand drive. But the traffic in China is left hand drive. And you are only allowed to drive with your car from Hong Kong to China and and vice versa if you have both license plates (really expensive to get both, only really rich people having both license plates). There are tree border crossings, two for cars and one for pedestrians. We took the one for pedestrians. 

apartment buildings in China

We drove from the New Territories to the border crossing, 'checked out' in Hong Kong and walked over a bridge (no-mans-land) and checked in to China. 

China (shops with 'fake' electronical devices)

It was a huge difference to Hong Kong, even the people looked the same, but the buildings, the shops, the advertisement and the cars. Everything looked different.

how people life (China)

The driver from the factory picked us up and we drove to the factory. It was very interesting but also oppressive. In the late evening we went back to Hong Kong. It was very impressive and I was so tired.

our way back to train station (China)

OK folks, I have to pack my stuff and go to the CBD. Hope you all enjoy your day. Please remind me to show and tell you about my host, where I stayed during I was in Hong Kong, it was/is amazing. You wouldn't believe!!

warm and humid greetings from Hong Kong

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