Hong Kong

Yesterday I had some time to visit Hong Kong. It is an amazing city. I really like it. The people are so kind and helpful. And it is such a vibrating and vivid city. You can see so many different people from different countries and you hear so many languages. It's just so exciting!!!

Hong Kong IFC

We ate very good Dim Sum. If you ever have the chance, try it. It tastes fantastic!!

near Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

The most impressive thing I had been lucky to enjoy, was the service from the airport and the city. At the main stations in the city you can check in and leave your luggage, they bring it to the airport. Means, you can enjoy the time in the city and don't have to worry about all your stuff. You just have to take the air train  2 hours before boarding and go straight to your gate at the Hong Kong airport. AWESOME!!!!

Hong Kong CBD

After an exciting day I flew from gate 1 (thats very seldom, told us the captain) to Taipei. I am a little behind the events, 'cause I am already in Taipei, Taiwan. I will tell you about my first day later tonight (it's already after 7pm on April 9th over here) or tomorrow. 
The people over here are even more polite and kind.

lively and fantastic greetings


  1. wow, impressive!!! more pics and information please...

  2. It's wonderful to read your experience in Hong Kong! So nice to hear that they are so polite and kind! Enjoy!

  3. Its like reading messages from the future! The photos are great, and Hong Kong looks amazing!!