Etsy Shop feature: AllSoCute

This week I like to show you some cute little dolls from Istanbul!

This beautiful and lovely crafted dolls are made from Seren. She lives in Istanbul,Turkey. She loves to crochet, knit and to make my items for other people.
As you can see she loves animals. And this inspires her to make these cutie's.
Seren has been obsessed with crafts of all kinds, her whole life! Her  love to crochet little amigurumi critters, animals and dolls brought her to Etsy.

She always welcomes new ideas, and hopes for some custom orders.
Seren enjoys bringing her craft to you and hopes it touches your heart and brings a smile to your face. So vitsit her also on Facebook and on her BLOG.
And I can say, I am smiling....a big grin. So please browse through these little fantastic crocheted friends and leave a comment under this post and tell her what you think!!

crochet around grretings


  1. You are right, her products are adorable!

    I'm tweeting her shop!

  2. Cute stuff, especially the little mice!

  3. Darling! Love the owl. So cute!

  4. wow, so adorable!! Am loving all of the dolls and designs!

  5. Really nice work and very unique items great gift ideas

  6. Awww! Your comments make my day! :) I`m so happy that you like my little crochet items! Thank you so much :)
    Seren ♥

  7. You are right, love her stuff! Especially the Esast eggs... what a beautiful center-piece they would made for Easter dinner!

    Melinus, I am a newbie that needs some love, too!

  8. I love the little eggs all the items are very adorable

  9. Thank you guys for all the nice comments, I really appreciate all your encouragement and it makes me feel to help a little, at least to put a lil' smile on your faces ;)

    THIS is for RebeccasAccents


    Her link does not work!!!

  10. I love the Sitting Beauty dolls! They are just so cute. Wonderful work!

  11. Oh I love the little panda! Awsome stuff!

  12. I am just starting out as well and would love to be featured. I love that you are helping people get started. That is awsome and I hope to be able to do the same one day. My shop is called RainbowsLNG which is short for rainbowslolipopsngumdrops. I have been crafting since I was a young girl and now that I have children of my own they inspire me to sew hip and trendy little girls clothing. Thank you again!

  13. the owl is my favorite-hands down-Midnite Pine Creations

  14. P.S. "anonymous" is Midnite Pine Creations ...I just don't know how to post any other way...i'm at