Taipei International Floral Exposition

After a long day in Hong Kong and a late flight to Taipei, I visited the Taipei International Floral Exposition yesterday. It is a huge exposition and usually you need 3 days, but as I do not have the time, I made a very short and hurried 'run' around the huge area.

 One of the many entrances was a wooden pavilion with different levels and a lot of friendly helpers/volunteers.

One pavilion has an observation deck and is greened. Also they show how you can use green energy (solar panels). 

It was amazing to stay on a roof and look over the city, but with the feeling of staying in a garden. 

During the exposition they had a lot of international competitions, one of them was about allotment gardens in city to use old structure. I liked the little old green house, reminds me of fairytales.

In the evening there was a parade for families, kids and all those who feel like kids. A lot of funny animals and fantasy friends sang along the street and waved to the people. This was lot of fun. 

Also the Museum of Art was involved in the exposition. They showed many artists and arts which have the nature as a main topic. Here you can see whole walls made of recycled cardboard.  

The last stop in the fast run on the exposition area was the dome. A huge stadium transformed in a sea of flowers.

It was a lot to walk, but all the beautiful and colorful flowers have been a good reason.

Now I am off to bed, tired and overwhelmed.

colorful greetings


  1. What an amazing place! Love your blogs. Just became an new follower after seeing your post on the Show Me Love Esty team page!
    Glad I did

  2. I would love to be featured on your blog - just let me know what I have to do!

  3. Thanks guys for the lovely comments, I really appreciate this. It means much to me, that people read my little blog and I can share my views and love with you!!!

    Hi POOKAH,
    please let me know the link to your Etsy shop, so I can find you and send you a message!!

    have a great day