Taiwan and THANK YOU

I am so sorry to be not so much on these days.  But like the name says, business trip, means to do some business ;)

But today I got up a little earlier, so I am able to give you a short look in to Taiwan. It is an amazing country with much more amazing people. I told you about the kind and helpful people in Hong Kong, it is nearly unbelievable, but the people over here seem to me even more polite and kind. Or maybe I think it's this way, because I have more time here and that means I can experience it more.

Today I will show some random pictures from Taiwan...

I headed to the southern city Tainan with the Taiwan High Speed Rail.

the hinterland of Taipei

Tainan City 

this is a god for education (good to know for the next exams)

old traditional roofs

two towers in Tainan 

one of the two towers (the dutch lived here a couple of hundred years ago)

I dont know what they did, but it looked like a kind of a parade or procession 

this seems to be a palanquin (I could not see whats in side)

(just) Tainan 

So now I have to hurry to the next appointment. I hope I can show you some pics from business over here next time, but it is not so easy and I think also not so much interesting!

I also want to take the opportunity to welcome all the new followers and and thank all the "old" followers for there loyalty. It is also nice to see all the comments for Seren and her adorable dolls. I really appreciate all your comments and it makes me really happy to see all the nice, caring and interested people. I hope it will help all the 'Etsians'.

So I am off now for the real reason of my trip. I wish you all a very nice day!!

thankful greetings

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