Etsy Shop feature: LoupBelle

(and encouragement)

I am back from my business trip and totally jet-lagged, but that is no reason to miss one turn in our weekly Etsy shop/seller feature.
This week I am proud to tell you a bit of LoupBelle from North Carolina, USA. This mysterious name means 'Beautiful Wolf'. And as beautiful and mysterious the name as nice and special are her shop items.

Behind LoupBelle is a woman who loves vintage, fashion, art, and eclecticism. She enjoys designing one of a kind pieces to fit women of all lifestyles, from conservative to edgy. Her greatest source of inspiration comes from nature and other inspiring women. In an effort to give back to these wonderful women who have inspired her over the years, every purchase comes with the name of a female artist, designer, musician etc.

Spring Daisy necklace

She hopes her customers take the time to look up these creative females and are also just as inspired.  To LoupBelle it’s more than fashion, it’s women inspiring women. She works in her at home studio in Newton, North Carolina, and is constantly antique shopping for special pieces to add to her designs. : )

Frank Sinatra - A Swingin Affair - Retro Vinyl Record Bowl

To make it a bit more fun for the featured seller and of course for all my lovely readers, I ask her three questions:
Q)In which country/city would you live if you could choose?
A) I’d love to live in Chicago. It’s always been my dream city!

Q)What do you like more: apple or orange juice?
A)Apple, hands down : )

Q)What is your favorite color?

This shop and LoupBelle are very special to me, because it is a wonderful idea to try to give back spirit and inspiration she got from women and to work with vinyl (I love to use old vinyl records for decoration, will show you some day). I think we need more powerful, strong and independent women to serve as a model!! So please stop by and have a look at all these unique and creative items.

Please also take the opportunity and write a commend under this very special shop feature post to encourage LoupBelle and all the women and of course men to become and stay strong and inspiring for others.

strong greatings


  1. oh and also please visit her at her facebook page:



  2. www.RebeccasAccents.etsy.comApril 17, 2011 at 12:04 PM

    I love what you can do with a record album!

  3. I love the daisy necklace, great for spring, delicate and feminine, I wish you the best.

    Deb Staudacher
    raspberry butterflies


  4. Neat shop! I have never seen anything like the record bowls!