sunny and bussy and MOTHERSDAY

Like I mentioned my trip is over and I 'landed' in the daily routine again. Nearly, because while I was away the finance authority sent us a tax audit notice. Yeah. One of our custom manager is on vacation. Yeah. And of course I have to catch up with my work. Yeah. Tons of work and just 24 hours. But I am sure everybody has this in his life and it is good to know that it will be over sometimes. Why I writing this, just to let you know, I am sorry for being so 'lazy' these days in writing this little blog. But I want to share with you two nice things

First: I saw an awesome sunrise this morning. The colors have been so bold and it compensates for all the stress and early get-ups.

I just had my phone by handy so the pic is not perfect, but it is stunning, right?!

OK and now 

Second: Mother's day is in a few weeks and I want to make a special to all my friends and followers. A cup of tea or coffee is nice, no matter if it's wintertime or summertime. It becomes even more special with a not so usual cup. This will bring a special moment, you can enjoy the tea/coffee and take your time to catch a breath in the busy times. And to give a mother such a special moment I'll give a discount on all my collection cups: 25% off!!!

The coupon code is: MOTHERSDAY2011

This is my little gift to all of you for being here and reading and commenting on the Etsy Shop Features and encouraging all the creative and active women and men out there.

I wish you all a wonderful day

coffee drinking and breath catching greetings

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    I am featured in a treasury...everything is PINK...love it: