How to: go on vacation

I made a new treasury, because I wasn't on vacation yet and I would love to pack my things and start traveling.

So I made a treasury for all those out there who are like me, without the possibility to go on a trip soon.

Please check it out and tell all the creative and talented 'Etsians' what you think.

So get ready for you cyber trip:

1. you have to save money. 
2. you have to find a place 
3. you hvae to book a flight 
4. youn need a suitcase
5. you will need a hat and a luggage tag 
6. you hvae to pack your towels 
7. you have to pack an extra pair of sun glases and your camera 
8. you need your ticket
9. you need your passport 
10. you have to fly 
11. you have to find your destination 
12. you can make sight seeing
13. or go to the beach 
14. for swimming  
15. or surfing 
16. and hopefully you will got lost in your thoughts ...

So who will come with me and start the trip??

Please click here to see the whole Etsy Treasury

wistfully and expectantly greetings

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