Rain with benefits

This was a rainy weekend. It started with rain on Friday, continued on Saturday and even the prime-time program on Sunday was accompanied by falling rain drops. But even a rainy weekend has it's beauty.

Rainbows are a great thing. I love them. I wish I could catch one, put it in a jar and place it on my bedside table to watch it glowing in the dark and all the beautiful colors while I wake up.

I love the sun, but without rain I would never see a rainbow and thats sad. So we need all the nice things every day, the good friends, the helpful family, time fur ourselves, vacation, shopping and so on...


without the 'rainy' days, we couldn't see the beauty of a rainbow or the sun breaking through the clouds.
We need these rainy days to realize how beautiful the world and our lives are.

colorful greetings

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