I like mornings. You can greet the day, enjoy yourself and relax until the day really starts. I don't like routine, but the first 30 minutes of a day are most of the time the same. A good self-made caffè latte (with an original Italian Espresso maker) with a double espresso and half milk half soy-milk, a book to read or my laptop.

That's how my day starts and I am happy every single second I can sit in the kitchen and enjoy my morning. 

We should enjoy ourself every day even if it's just for half an hour. And it doesn't matter if you take a bath or relax on the porch, sit in your garden or listen to music. Every day has 24 hours and I think we can take a little for ourselves. 
Let's appreciate and savor life's little pleasures. 

coffee-slurping greetings


  1. I'm a morning person, too. But I'm one of those Diet Coke for breakfast types.

  2. Hi LeAnn,
    I always thought this is a man's thing, but it seems, there are girls out there to.
    You brighten up my day!!! ;)
    wish you a great weekend!!