Questions, News and Excitements

This will be a post which is made for your comments. So please read and then write until your key board is on fire ;)

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Ok, lets start with the first: Q U E S T I O N S. 

It's the really interesting and 
your-action-needed topic

Some days ago I sold my first cup and it was such an exciting experience. After that a lot of people let me know, that they are still waiting for their first sale or feel still like Etsy newbies.Ypur messages kept me busy, because it really matters to me what you think. An idea crossed my mind and I did a little research. 
There are a lot of groups at Etsy about promotion and newbies and tips & tricks, but it took me so much time to scroll through all the threads. 
So it took me to the following:

I will interview an Etsy seller who is already successful
 and a shop 'owner' since years. I ask her if she could picture herself interviewed about inside fews, how selling may work better and if she can explain some tips. And Y E S she will give me a little interview.

Now comes Y O U:

I will do this not only for me (but also for me ;), means you have to let me know what do you want to know. What should I ask her (about shipping, advertisement, customer satisfaction, item description, nice wrapping, pictures . . .)

I think there is so much we can learn. So please use this chance and 
write your question as a comment under this post. 


Next: N E W S

Now there is a FACEBOOK button under every post, means if you like one post or you want to show you customers your Etsy feature, you just need to posh the 'L I K E' button!!


And last but not least: E X C I T E M E N T S

Have you seen, we are more than 40 people. Yes within a couple of month this lil' blog has 43 followers.  YEAHHHH

So please take action and use this chance to ask someone who is more skilled and experienced than me and maybe you. Write your question under this post!!

I hope this will bring some inside views!

Thanks in advance for you questions!!

excited and question-mark-in-the-comments-searching


  1. Hello,
    Thank you for letting me participate in this interview

    I would like to know what is the one best thing she did to boost sales?
    Also one thing that was a mistake and no longer continues to do.
    Is presentation in packaging important like tissue and ribbon wrapping or possibly a gift bag and tag? How does she calculate shipping because I dont want to turn away potentional buyers with high fees and does she always do delivery confirmation.
    also is there something besides twitter or fb to bring people to etsy? I have joined several teams and made a few treasuries.
    I would like to know how does she calculate her sale price for her products?

    I do have a question for you or possibly the other seller: is ther a place buyers go to to request things they are interested or what is a new or popular trend in fashion , gift buying or what are people locking for?

    Thank you again I really looking forward to the replies.

  2. Ditto to everything on RaspberryButterflies list.
    How did she find her market niche?
    How does she determine price of items?
    Does she relist?
    What is the best time to post or relist?
    What is her most effective marketing tool?
    If she started as a Newbie today, knowing what she knows now after years of experience, what, if anything, would she do differently?

    Thank you, mElinus, for initiating this wonderful learning opportunity for us!


  3. Wow, already some great Q's!

    Does she feel like a promo spot is worth the $7?
    I don't do social media (FB or Twitter, etc.) Does she really feel its necessary to boost sales?
    Does she use many coupon codes? Like sending one as thank you for favoriting an item, or as a thanks for purchasing an item?
    I heard it takes a good 6 months minimum to really start seeing the fruit of your labor on etsy. Is this pretty realistic?

    Thanks so much!!

  4. I want to know her most successful ways of promoting her shop. Does she use promo codes, advertising, social media and how does she utilize these tools?

    Thanks so much for this great opportunity for information!

  5. Hi there and thank you for offering me this opportunity!

    I am curious what makes from "a seller" a "successful seller" - if there is a moment when realizing the business is growing suddenly and what were the things done before to improve the shop?
    And i would like to know what works best for our customers - a short and brief description of item or a longer one (i tend to write a story...) and some tips regarding item descriptions.

    And if any steps should be followed to grow.

    Thank you again and also many thanks to your respondent for time and great help!

  6. WOW looks like you have gotten some really great questions. Thank you for including me in your process of helping all of us become more successful on Etsy.

    Getting customer to my etsy store? My shop was used in a Sneak Attack; I had 3 sales. WOW. The only 3 sales I have had on etsy. BOOO. I have added people to my circle, listed my own favorites, posted on FB, created treasures, joined teams. Even paid the $7 and promoted my shop. Still sales are very, very bad. I have a FB page leading friends to my etsy shop. Still no sales. Tagging..... what is the secret to tagging items?

    Adding new items. I can add a new item tonight and within 3 hours it is off the first page. I feel like there is no getting ahead.

    I have searched Etsy without signing own...... and can not find my own site without typing in my name. What do I do to make my shop easier to search?

    How do I see who is looking at my shop? I can see the number of views but not who they are?

    Again Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this project...... I will keep following.

    Browns Crafting Design

  7. Thanks so much for doing this!!! My major question is
    What is the best way to get people to see your products? Marketing is really difficult.
    Any tips would be awesome.

  8. Great questions and I would like to add:

    1. How did you obtain the first Etsy sales? -Was it already known friends and contacts or entirely new customers?
    2. Do you think BNR's are worth putting the time and $ into?
    3.Please recommend a simple effective promotion for first-timers.

  9. Hi guys!!

    WOW It's awesome how much you all wrote!! Thank you for taking part!!
    I will wait until tonight and then put together the interview! I hope I get all done till end of this week, so you have a lot to read and hopefully learn at the coming weekend. So write all you questions down till tonight!!

    To stay up to date, I would recommend to subscribe via email, so you will get a mail as soon as the news are online!!

    THANKS for all your comments!!
    question-marks-seeing greetings

  10. Wow! Look's like all the general question's have been asked. We just got linked up on facebook and twitter, really trying to figure it all out.
    DO they really bring business to ETSY?
    In my short experience on Etsy....it seems to take time, work, and patience to make sales come.
    How do you gain the trust from customers when feeback is no longer available to read?
    When I'm considering a purchase I alway's read the review's?!
    Is It one single item that becomes your best seller?
    How do you handle custom order's?
    Do you offer a money back guarantee?
    If you do, how long is your item guaranteed for?
    I don't offer gift wrapping. Should I?
    Do I offer that as a free service?
    What is the highest discount % you have offered?
    How often do you have discount's or sale's?
    Do you change your shop around often?
    If so, how often?
    I get alot of convo's from people that I favorite or circle, offering me a discount on that item. How do you feel about that?
    Do BNR's really work?
    If so, how?
    I think my time is up:)
    Thank you,

  11. I'd like to know how many items you think it takes to make a living on Etsy, how many items you produce a week/month/year, and whether you make items in groups or "seasons," repeats, or one of a kinds.


  12. It looks like all of my questions have been asked.
    I mainly want to know the best ways to advertise aside from social media.
    The best types of personal avatars. Is a picture better or a business name.
    How about headers and presentation that way. Possible some references to places that may help create exciting headers
    Presentation. Is it worth the extra time and money to make your packaging pretty?
    Discounts? Do people tend to come back if you offer them coupon codes?
    How long did it take before you really took off? I know it is different for everyone but I would love to ask several people to see how exactly they got where they are and how long it took them :)
    Thank you so much!