Funny Book from Hong Kong

While I was in HongKong I found this little funny book in a sweet little shop. They had some funny gadgets and also kids stuff. 

When I saw the little book I thought, maybe it's a book to explain older kids the topic death and how it comes that people they know pass away (in a child-friendly way). I grabbed it because it might be a good one for my god-daughter.
After I skimmed through the book and couldn't hold my laughter because it is so hilarious, I had to buy it!

Just to give you an inside few, I took some pictures from one really funny little story:

I had to hold it open ;)

It is so so funny, how Doug is trying to make a joke!!

And Phils reaction is so understandable!!

Even now, after I read it the 20th time, I can't stop laughing!!

What do you think, isn't it funny. I mean death is not really funny, unfortunately I know it, but I think it is sometimes good, to take a step back and not everything so/to serious.

I wish you all a great day and of course a wonderful weekend!!

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Thank you!!

funny greetings

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