Etsy Shop Feature: Craftsbymoms

It was a confusing and busy week and so was the weekend. But there is no reason why we will miss this weeks Etsy shop feature. I like to introduce you to 

This shop was inspired by 3 moms who like to be creative and still spend time with their families. They love to get together and create little useful things.
The goal of the 3 moms is to share their products with others who will hopefully enjoy them as much as the they do, because every product they have in their Etsy shop, they use them by themselves. The kids have handmade quilts and fleece blankets that they love to sleep and play with.
Even the kids from family members asks for their boo boo bag when they get hurt(no idea what a boo boo bag is, klick on it and you will see).

They told me: you can't make products you don't believe in. 

But the interesting thing comes now: The money from many of their products gets donated straight to the American Cancer Society. (YES you read right!!!)
Craftsbymoms told me:
'We have supported them for years and its an organization dear to all of our hearts.'

The questions answered one mom for us:

Q)In which country/city would you live if you could choose? 
A)I would live on any beach city in California! I love how peaceful and breathtaking the beach is. Very inspiring.

Q)What do you like more: apple or orange juice? 
A)Totally apple juice. Orange is not sweet enough.

Q)What is your favorite color?
A)I like bright colors. Anything in the spring too, but not just one color.

So guys I think this is way more than just a lovely shop with creative moms. This is worth an extra look. You can buy a little sweet gift for someone special and support the American Cancer Society. I think that makes it really special and you don't just gift one person but also many people who really need help!! AWESOME!!

I wish you all a great week and let's take this as an opportunity to think about doing more for others, even if it's just supporting others while shopping!!

thankful and inspired greetings

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