Easter leftovers

The Easter weekend is over and that means I have to recapitulate what has happend during this four days.

I baked arround 60 cupcakes. 25 of them for the princess birthday party from my goddaughter. She is 3 years old now, means 'I am no longer a baby'. It was amazing to see her unpacking all the presents and beeing the m-i-p (most important person) of the day. She got so many presents but she always thanked all the guest and her little friends got all a huge hugs. It was a totally tressful day, but it was worth every work and sweat.

 This is left! They look already a little demaged, but still yummy!!

Most of the cupcakes were for friends and family. We had 3 BBQs during the weekend and I met lots of friends I hadn't seen the last weeks, because of work and travel. But I was very happy to see one special friend again, which I do see not so often.And I am always very hapy to see. But unfortunatelly the weekend is over and Easter will come again next year.

So how was your Easter weekend? Lot to do or just chillin' and family stuff?

Wish you all a great week!

last bunny greetings

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