Halloween at daytime

Not having a real Halloween party does not mean, we cannot celebrate the 'spooky' time of the year. To bring a lil' Halloween even to my rooms and friends I thought about it. How can we have a little bit of it without actually having a party.

We could not have a real Halloween party because we got an invitation for a birthday party without any theme, except birthday :)

So I invited friends to come over for a Halloween brunch and the pictures show you our decorated table. It wasn't easy to get some Halloween stuff one day before, but you can transform some regular things into spooky ones.

The only really Halloween-like decoration I got have been some chocolates which look like witches and pumpkins. Oh and of course 3 really cute little pumpkins.

All the other stuff was transformed from normal to 'spooky'. Tangerines with Jack O'Lantern faces, orange and black napkins, spider webs from cotton wool and candles. Not that much, right?

I even tried to make a spider with an old black button and dark yarn, but to be honest after 4 legs I had no patience anymore and decided to have a very spooky 4-leg spider hanging over the table. :)

All thi picutres show you the table without food, because I decorated it bevore we went to the birthday party so I could sleep a lil' longer the next morning and just had to prepare the food.

Oh I forgot to mention, one of our friends has a really cute dog, and I thought he (his name is Klaus, isn't this funny) has to get a little Halloween as well and so he became an extra space decorated with orange and black napkins.

Just to give you an idea what we had to eat for our 5 hour brunch (yes we ate, talked and enjoyed our selves for 5 hours):

veggie lasagne
whole grain rolls
6 or 7 different sorts of cheese
cream cheese
apple pie
egg salad
pickled herring salad
cold cuts

and so on

I think it was a really good way to celebrate Halloween even at day time.

Wish you all a great week.
spooky greetings


  1. What a GREAT get-together that must have been!
    And your brunch menu is incredible!

  2. Good morning LeAnn,
    hope you had a great Halloween weekend too. Yes it was a wonderful time, my friends and I haven't seen us for a while and so we had to share so many news and even showed each other photos from vacations.
    Oh the food, it was to much, we ate to much and still we have plenty of it left, but it makes it easier for the next couple of days :)