harbor & beaches in Oceanside

Bench in Oceanside

Yesterday we made a beautiful trip to sunny Oceanside, just about 30 min. north of San Diego. I mean it would have been 30 minutes if you are going straight, but it's vacation and that means once in a while you do not have to do straight things. We drove up the Hwy. 101 and had stunning views over beautiful beaches and harbors. The waves have been great and we saw a lot of surfers. So yesterday was all about "Harbors & Beaches".

not Hollywood but beautiful as well

When we arrived in Oceanside, we needed a break from all these impressions and of course to get something to eat. We had lunch at a roof top restaurant in Oceanside and the pic below shows our stunning view over the harbor of Oceanside.

lunch view

It was an amazing time, because the food was good, the music absolutely perfect and the breeze from the ocean was the perfect addition to the midday sun.

blue water, blue sky and white boats....

We even saw some monsters at the beach ... ;)

sand monster

The best was the parking lot, because it was way more than this. A lot of campers and families had their vacation homes there and enjoyed the sun, the ocean and the beach right at their 'door step'.

beachy parking lot

When we came back to our vacation home, we had a nice talk to our lovely host Stella. She is amazing, I mean she is way more than that. No 5 Star hotel can offer this love, dedication and personal passion for details. I can't say how much I love her and her husband. 

Last but not least we had dinner at FLEMMINGS in Down Town San Diego with steak and mashed potatoes, exactly how it should be.

Now I am looking forward to another wonderful day at sunny California and wish you at least a sunny day, where ever you are.

sand between my toes greetings


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Stop by my new blog, comment and let me know if you like it! Your frindly follower from Etsy,

  2. Glad you're enjoying some well deserved R&R!