shopping and other surprises

Yesterdays was a day full of surprises and I will have one for you too. After a late start in the day we drove to an Outlet about 20 minutes from San Diego and shopped until the credit card got hot.

outlet center

When we realizes we wont make it through the whole center, we decided to go back to the car and drive home. But we wanted to see everything and so we drove to the end of the outlet center and then we saw this:

border fence

We have known that the boarder to Mexico is not far from San Diego and the outlet is even closer, but this close, we never thought that. We shopped the whole day and did never realize that the fence from the boarder is just a stone throw away. 

boarder and Mexico 

To our left was the shopping center and to our right was Mexico. We were stunned.

borader with shopping center

It was a very difficult experience for us and we talked about it a lot when we drove back to San Diego. But the day was great we have been very exhausted of all this undressing and dressing again. The best thing was, it's Labor Day weekend and that meant a lot more savings for us. Yayyyy!!


something new for you. Please look at the following picture and tell me what is wrong in it. Write a comment under the post with your thoughts and I will pick someone and she or he will get a postcard from sunny funny San Diego!!!

Whats wrong in here???

So lets start and have a nice day!

finger crossing greetings


  1. Straßenlaterne im Palmendesign....

    Das ist eurem Lieblingselektriker aufgefallen ;-)

  2. Bei mir siehts so aus, als ob die Blätter der mittleren Palme teilweise nach oben stehen! ;-)

  3. Es könnte natürlich auch ein Mobilfunkmast sein, kann man nicht so gut erkennen.

  4. Die mittlere Palme ist unecht! Ich hoffe, ich bekomme auch so ne Karte :o)
    Liebe Grüße, Sina

    at least from my heart ;)

    just send me your address through facebook messages and a post card will start its journey to you.

    By the way it was the palm tree in the middle which is a fake tree, its made for speakers, mics and aerials/antennas

    thanks for joining!!