a sneak peak at the city and a boats tour

Yesterday we cruised through the city and made a boats tour through the San Diego Bay.


an old hotel

an old brick house

Now the boat tour starts:
We came aboard the Marietta and had a nice guide named Marco. He is a former US Marine and was able to tell us a lot about the US Navy.

USS Midway



the Fish Market Restaurant

fishing pier

speed boat in front of hotels

a liner who brings American cars to Japan and/or South America


And now lets talk about the day before yesterday. I think you heard or red it, that we had a huge black out here in southern California. It was just a lot of fun for us.

We all had a great afternoon, evening and night.

Because nothing was working, no supermarket open, no gas station nor any restaurant, we had to improvise. We had a gas grill outside and of course it was working, so we talked to Stella and Richard our hosts and decided to have dinner together, because their oven wasn't working like ours. And a very nice thing happened, a neighbor, Takehashi, came over and because he is a sushi chef we had sashimi and he made some fried fish and also fried rice. We had a huge variety of food, we made scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, we had potato salad and some left overs from our BBQ the day before. We had salad and Stella and Richard brought a huge bunch of candles, sushi, bread and pizza.

We made pizza on the BBQ grill and we figured out, it is the best way to make frozen pizza.

We sat there in the dark, just the light from the candles and the moon and had such a fun night, unbelievable.

So if you missed the huge 'event' here are the news:

So the power came back late at night and we heard all around people who clapped on hands or just screamed because of happiness.

We will start our last day in San Diego today, we are all very sad, but we will have a nice last day here. We will have dinner with Stella and Richard again. And afterwards the two will show us what 'rocks' in the city's gas lamp quarter.

Wish you a great day.

 'power' full greetings

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  1. Glad you had such a nice time in San Diego.
    Back to reality soon.