Yesterday in sunny San Diego

Yesterday, it took us a while before we could start our day trip. But after a lot of computing and emailing and mailing, we finally made it in the car and more or less straight to Coronado Island.

Because everything was so beautiful and we haven't done really spectacular things, I just want to show you some nice pictures:

view from Coronado bridge towards down town San Diego

view from Coronado bridge towards Coronado Island

after lunch we strolled through Coronado

old entrance

thats how people live here ;)

the sun and stars

a beautiful entrance in a private garden

after our stroll we went to the beach and visited the pier

the beach left from the pier

the beach right from the pier

surfer waiting for a wave

after some fun hours at the beach we headed home

back to San Diego via Coronado bridge

 a beautiful sunset towards town town

a ship is coming to San Diego

We had a wonderful day at the beach, with fun in the water and enjoying the sun.

Afterwards we went to the supermarket and bought some really big steaks for our BBQ we had for dinner. The steaks were better than in every restaurant, just perfect. And since we know how to make Margaritas, it's our drink for the evening and night time :)

I send you a lot of sun!!

little tanned greetings

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