Happy New Year

Christmas is over and we already started with a new year! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and started with new energy and lots of plans and new projects.

Mine will start pretty soon. It will be awesome and a lot to do, but I will tell you later.

For now I started my year on Etsy with translating my descriptions and informations in to German and also with a very NEW treasury:

Someday I will ride the great bird 
Into the sky, into the grey 
And will take a bright secret of mine 
Into the grey, grey sky.

And the light will come, piercing my eyes 
Out of the sky, out of the grey 
Come blinding and searing these eyes 
Out of the grey, grey sky.  

And I will find comfort in this 
In the wide sky, in the wide grey 
In the painful dark brightness of light 
Light of the grey, grey sky.

My secret will fly away home 
Into the sky, into the grey 
And the great bird will follow it there 
Into the grey, grey sky. 

 And I will be riding that bird 
Bird of the sky, bird of the grey 
And I will come home once again 
Home to the grey, grey sky.  

But for now I am weighted, earthbound 
One of the mud, one of the ground 
And I write this sad song to sad sound 
Girl of the pavement sighs.    

Grace Hutton

I hope you like poems like I do!!

You will find this treasury
with all these beautiful pieces here: t r e a s u r y

wish you all the best for 2012
greyish and curious greetings

Just added this one for you so you can go directly to the wonderful pieces!!!


  1. Beautiful poem, and beautiful Treasury!

  2. Thank you LeAnn!!
    Hope you had nice holidays!!!

    Wish you a Happy New Year!!!

  3. A wonderful treasury and blog post to celebrate the New Year and beautiful Poetry!!! Thank so much for including me!

    I'm happy to say I'm now following your fabulous blog!
    Here's mine: http://prosperosbookshelf.blogspot.com

    :-) Joe

  4. Happy New Year from another new follower!
    :) Mollie (aka Mrs. Prospero Joe)

  5. Thank you Mollie and Joe for following my lil' blog. I checked yours and I am a new follower to. Mollie I have to say, I really love your jewelry, it's so natural and bright.

    Thank you both for stopping by!! I wish you a Happy New Year and a sunny week.