Help needed

I need your help!!

Please look in these eyes.

This little dog is the best friend of my 3 year old god child. She love her lil' 'bow-wow' so much.

As you can see this little stuffed friend is worn out. She sleeps with it, she plays with it and no matter how the weather is outside her bow-wow has to come with her. Her mum and I tried hard to find a new one, but nobody has a dog like this. 

This stuffed animal is approx. 8" to 10" / 20 cm to 25cm long, pale yellow body but with yellower ears (please see the pic). It has a dark brown/black dog collar and dark embroidered dots on the dogs nose.

As you can see on the following pic, the tail is falling off. We tried to fix it several times, but it will not hold much longer.

My god child and her mum are on their way to a mother-child clinic for a rehab, because she had a kidney surgery. So her little friend is more important than ever.

PLEASE, if you have a stuffed dog like this one or you know someone who do not need it, let me know. I will buy it straightaway.

Just write a comment under this post
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convo me at Etsy.

Thank you so much for your time!!

hopefully greetings


  1. Aww.... I really hope you find one! Is it a pound puppy? The eyes kind of look like it! Sea Marie

  2. I hope you find one. If not, I'd just add a layer of patches, and tell her that Bow Wow had surgery, too. Hope all goes well with her recovery.

  3. Hello mates,

    thank you for your support!!

    @Marie: thats a very good hint, I remember I had a dog like this too, but it was bigger. I will search for the pound puppies, maybe I find a dog like this!! THANK YOU so much, it was very helpful *cross finger*

    @LeAnn: we thought about the patches and tried it with band aid - like she had, but she want to have a healthy friend and that means band aid and patches are 'not allowed' for ever ;0)

    But thank you for you help and just a nice word, her 'trip' starts today and I will visit her at the weekend...my heart is crying...

    thanks again mElinus

  4. Hi guys,

    I found a dog which looks nearly the same, but without your help I wouldn't have found it. So thank you very much!!!